Sunday, August 29, 2021, 10:00 am - 12:00 noon (Please choose just one Sunday workshop. They're held simultaneously!)


Robert will be demonstrating how to use his Stinger Riveting System to make quick and smooth rivets with small domed heads.


The Stinger Riveting System is designed to make riveting quick and easy. With the Stinger, rivet heads are left clean and smooth and need no filing or polishing with practice. Its design allows you to access hard to reach rivet heads on the inside of bent cuffs and can also be used on flat surfaces like pendants.


It was designed by Robert in 2017 to connect his titanium and silver cuffs. Titanium and silver cannot be soldered together so riveting the pieces together was required; however using traditional riveting techniques required hammers that were difficult to get inside of a bent cuff. Furthermore if you could get a hammer inside to rivet the heads would become very sharp and would need polishing, which was also tricky. With the Stinger Robert was able to make a small domed heads on the inside of his cuffs that do not need time consuming clean up.


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Riveting Reimagined with Robert Lopez

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