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Registration opens January 1st

This workshop meets Friday and Saturday, August 28 & 29, 2020, 9:00 am - 5:30 pm each day

(lunch breaks suggested 12noon-2pm each day)

Convergence of metals and techniques is the foundation of this project. Students will learn the fundamentals of metalsmithing and use the techniques to bridge the gap between metal clay and metalsmithing

In this workshop we will cover the benefits of using tarnish resistant Argentium Sterling Silver. Among one of the benefits of Argentium is its ability to fuse together extremely well while holding fine textures. The top, petal portion of the pendant will be made primarily of fused components.  With practice, one can learn to fuse multiple components together all the while keeping textures that have been applied prior. Fusing multiple joints minimizes the need for solder joints that would eventually show up during oxidation.  We will also work on making bezel setting for a cabochon. I believe I have come up with some unique ways of setting a cabochon that some students may want to add to their skill set.

The workshop will also cover texturing, soldering, riveting, patina, roller printing, forming and finishing.  Students will be using Robert’s “Stinger Riveting System” to make quick and flawless rivets that will join silver and a metal clay medallion that the students can make prior in their own studios or I can supply one made by my supplier. 


Registration fee: $330

A kit fee of $70 (or $90 with medallion) will be collected by the instructor during the workshop.